Faculty Awards & Accolades

Alessandro Acquisti

Alessandro Acquisti, Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy

  • Center for Democracy & Technology Fellow, 2016
  • Andrew Carnegie Fellow, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 2015
  • SOUPS 15 Best Poster Award, 2015
  • The Nudge Awards: Silver Nudge Award, 2015
  • IAPP SOUPS Privacy Award, 2014
  • SOUPS Distinguished Poster Award, 2014
  • Runner up, INFORMS Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award, 2013
  • Runner up, CPDP Multidisciplinary Privacy Research Award, 2013
  • Information Systems Research, Best Published Paper Award, 2012 (for the paper: “The Effect of Online Privacy Information on Purchasing Behavior: An Experimental Study”)
  • IAPP/Privacy Law Scholars Conference Best Paper Award, 2012 (for the paper: “An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination via Online Social Networks”)
  • Leading Paper, Future of Privacy Forum's "Privacy Papers for Policy Makers" 2012 (for the paper: “An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination via Online Social Networks”)
  • Leading Paper, Future of Privacy Forum's "Privacy Papers for Policy Makers" 2010. (Author of 2 out of 6 Leading Papers: ("Privacy and the Control Paradox"; “What is Privacy Worth?”)
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Heinz College School of Information Systems and Management, 2010
  • Ponemon Institute Fellow, 2008
  • PET Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 2005
  • IBM Best Academic Privacy Faculty Award, 2005
Al Blumstein

Al Blumstein, University Professor of Urban Systems and Operations Research, Emeritus

  • Stockholm Prize in Criminology, 2007
  • National Academy of Engineering, 1998
  • Wolfgang Award for Distinguished Achievement in Criminology, 1998
  • ORSA President's Award "for service to society”, 1993
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, 1987
  • American Society of Criminology Fellow, 1987
  • American Society of Criminology’s Sutherland Award for "contributions to research", 1987
  • ORSA's Kimball Medal "for service to the profession and the society", 1985
Jonathan Caulkins

Jonathan Caulkins, University Professor of Operations Research and Public Policy

  • National Academy of Engineering, 2015
  • Omega Rho Lecturer, INFORMS, 2014
  • Barash Lecturer, Purdue University, 2012
  • Plenary speaker, EURO, 2012
  • British Medical Association, Best Public Health Book of the Year (co-author), 2010
  • INFORMS President’s Award, 2010
  • INFORMS Fellow, 2010
  • H. Guyford Stever Chair of Operations Research, 2010
  • IFORS Distinguished Lecturerat APORS, 2009
  • National Academy of Engineering’s Frontiers of Engineering, 2008
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Investigator Award, 2006
  • INFORMS Plenary speaker at ORPA-1 Conference in Ouagadougou, 2005
  • Marschak Colloquium at UCLA, 2001
  • Pittsburgh’s Forty Under Forty Award, 2000
  • David N. Kershaw Award, Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management, 1999
  • Carnegie Mellon University Heinz School Martcia Wade Teaching Award, 1999
  • National Young Investigator, 1993 - 1999
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship, 1987-1990
  • Tau Beta Pi, Mortar Board National Honor Society, National Merit Scholar, 1983-1987
  • Langsdorf Fellowship, Washington University, 1983-1987
Martin S. Gaynor

Martin S. Gaynor, Professor of Economics and Health Policy

  • American Economic Association Best Paper Award, 2017
  • National Academy of Medicine, 2016
  • Victor R. Fuchs Award, 2007
  • National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation Health Care, 2005
  • Kenneth J. Arrow Award, 1996
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award Investigator Award in Health Policy Research, 1995
  • Jerry S. Cohen Award for Antitrust Writing – Finalist
  • First Independent Research Support and Transition (FIRST) Award, National Institute of
    Mental Health, 1990
  • Northwestern University Alumni Merit Award
Brian Kovak

Brian Kovak, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

  • Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Young Labor Economist Award (2014)
Ramayya Krishnan

Ramayya Krishnan, Dean of Heinz College and Professor of Management Science and Information Systems

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award, Indian Institute of Technology - Madras, 2017
  • Y. Nayuduamma Award, 2015
  • INFORMS Fellow, 2012
  • INFORMS Information Systems Society, Distinguished Fellow, 2011
  • Distinguished Teacher Award, Information Systems Management Program, Carnegie Mellon University, 2005
  • General Motors Distance Teaching Excellence Award, 2004
  • Magid Igabaria Distinguished Scholar, Claremont Graduate University, 2004
  • Martcia Wade Teaching Ward, Carnegie Mellon University, 2000
  • Fellow, E-business Research Center, Penn State University
  • International Research Fellow, International Center for Electronic Commerce, Seoul, Korea
Kristen Kurland

Kristen Kurland, Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy

  • Esri Health Communications Award, 2012
Beibei Li

Beibei Li, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Management

  • Big Data Marketing Conference Junior Researcher Award, 2015
  • Google Faculty Research Award, 2015
  • Adobe Digital Marketing Research Award, 2015
  • Marketing Science Research Institute Award, 2015
Daniel Nagin

Daniel Nagin, University Professor of Public Policy and Statistics

  • National Academy of Sciences Award for Scientific Reviewing, 2017
  • American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) Fellow, 2014
  • Stockholm Prize in Criminology, 2014
  • Edwin Sutherland Award (for research contributions), American Society of Criminology, 2006
  • Elected Fellow American Society for the Advancement of Science, 2002
  • Elected Fellow of the American Society of Criminology, 1999
  • Recipient of the North Eastern State Tax Officials Association Award for Excellence in Tax Administration, 1985
Rema Padman

Rema Padman, Professor of Management Science & Healthcare Informatics

  • IBM Faculty Award, 2012
  • Emil Limbach Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Outstanding Instructor Award in the Woodrow Wilson Summer Studies
  • Individual National Research Service Award from the National Library of Medicine
Denise M. Rousseau

Denise M. Rousseau, University Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Policy

  • Best Professional Development Workshop Award. MED Division, AOM, 2015
  • Mahoney AOM HR Division Mentoring Award, 2015
  • Elected, Dean of Fellows Group, Academy of Management, 2014-2017
  • Academy of Social Sciences (UK - National Academy of Academics, Learned Societies and Practitioners in the Social Sciences - Elected, Academician, 2014
  • Fellows of the Academy of Management - Elected, Dean, 2014
  • Tallinn University of Technology - Honorary Doctorate, 2014
  • Israeli Organizational Behavior Conference - Lifetime Achievement Award, 2014
  • AOM Practice Theme Committee - Practice Impact Award, 2014
  • Athens University of Economics and Business - Honorary Doctorate in Economics and Management, 2013
  • Academy of Management - Lifetime Service Award, 2010
  • Academy of Management's Organizational Behavior Division - Lifetime Achievement Career Award, 2009
  • Academy of Management Learning and Education - Award for Best Article, 2008
  • Academy of Management, MOC Division - Distinguished Scholar, 2007
  • Western Academy of Management - JMI Distinguished Scholar, 2007
  • Academy of Management - George Terry Award (book), 2006
  • Academy of Management - Best Paper OB Division, 2004
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Shaw Professor, 2000
  • Academy of Management - George Terry Award (book), 1996
  • National Institute for Healthcare Management - Award for Best Article in Healthcare Management, 1994
  • Educational Administration Quarterly - William A. Davis Award for Best Article, 1982
Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Professor of Information Technology and Marketing

  • Google Research Award, 2014
  • Google Research Award, 2011
  • Marketing Science Institute and Wharton Interactive Media Initiative Research Award, 2010
  • Google WPP Marketing Research Award, 2010
  • National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, One of 100 “emerging engineering leaders”, 2009
  • Best Teacher Award, 2009 & 2004
  • Interfraternity and Panhellenic Role Model Award, 2008
  • Best Published Paper Award Runner-Up, Information Systems Research, 2007
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2005
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up, The 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2004
  • Marketing Science Institute, Research Award, 2002
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2002
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Outstanding Faculty Award, 2002
  • Berkman Faculty Development Award, 2000
Lowell Taylor

Lowell Taylor, Professor of Economics and Public Policy

  • 20TH ANNUAL KENNETH J. ARROW AWARD from the International Health Economic Association, 2012
  • 11TH ANNUAL HEALTH CARE RESEARCH AWARD from the National Institute for Health Care Management for excellence in original and creative health care research, 2004
Rahul Telang

Rahul Telang, Professor of Information Systems

  • LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge, 2015
  • Google Research Award, 2014
  • Sloan Foundation Industry Study Fellowship
  • NSF CAREER Award