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Arts and Entertainment

Forbes - Kevin Stein - Oscars 2017: Who Should Win (According To Social Media) (2.24.17)

Crime & Drug Policy

AllBud - Jonathan Caulkins - What's the next state in line for change (4.2.17)

Newsmax - Jonathan Caulkins - False Narrative of Pot Legalization Ignores Real Hazards (3.22.17)

The Cannabist - Jonathan Caulkins - Federal marijuana law enforcement: What you need to know (3.7.17)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Daniel Nagin - People on the Move (2.27.17)

AL.com - Jonathan Caulkins - Proposed bills would crack down on fentanyl and heorin (2.17.17)

Pacific Standard -  Alexandra Chouldechova - Racial Bias in Criminal Risk Scores is Mathematically Inevitable (2.17.17)

Foreign Affairs - Jonathan Caulkins - High Stakes (2.14.17)

The Crime Report - Jonathan Caulkins - Trump Vows 'Ruthless' Antidrug Fight; Experts Dubious (2.10.17)

The Washington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - In Trump's 'ruthless' vow, experts see a return to the days of the drug war (2.10.17)

The Washington Times - Daniel Nagin - Trump's call for 'feds' in Chicago confounds city leaders, police experts (1.26.17)

VICE - Daniel Nagin - Trump's Promised Crackdown on Gun Crimes Is Coming into Focus (1.26.17)

The Crime Report - Daniel Nagin - Sessions on Gun Cases: Bring More to Federal Courts (1.26.17)

Ganjapreneur - Jonathan Caulkins - Colorado Wholesale Cannabis Price-Per-Pound Has Dropped 25 percent (1.20.17)

Inc. - Jonathan Caulkins - As Price Plummets to Historic Low, Marijuana Entrepreneurs Need to 'Pivot, or Die' (1.19.17)

KPCC-FM Southern California - Jonathan Caulkins - HighQ: What Jeff Sessions means for California's legal marijuana industry (1.13.17)

KCRW-FM Los Angeles - Jonathan Caulkins - The future of hemp in California (1.9.17)

The Huffington Post - Jonathan Caulkins - Fentanyl Overdoses Are Rising And Science Can't Keep Up (1.9.17)

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Software Engineering Institute Blog - Denise Rousseau - Three Practice Areas for Using Positive Incentives to Reduce Insider Threat (3.27.17)

Diverse Issues in Higher Education - Alessandro Acquisti - Experts: Tread Lightly Searching Social Media in Hiring Process (3.20.17)

Skuola.net - Alessandro Acquisti - Facezam, l'app che riconosce le persone e le fa trovare su Facebook: bufala o verità? (3.16.17)

monitorulcj.ro - Alessandro Acquisti - Sfârșitul intimității pe internet? FACEZAM (3.16.17)

ict news - Alessandro Acquisti - Ứng dụng tìm Facebook người lạ qua ảnh chỉ là trò chơi khăm (3.16.17)

TechAOMinuto - Alessandro Acquisti - O 'Shazam para caras' é, afinal, um embuste (muito convincente) (3.16.17)

Mashable - Alessandro Acquisti - This creepy Facebook stalking app was a hoax - but it should still scare the hell out of you (3.16.17)

American Banker - Rahul Telang - Podcast: How likely are fraud victims to leave their bank? (2.27.17)

BankInfoSecurity - Rahul Telang - How Fraud Victims 'Punish' Their Banks (2.20.17)

The Register - Rahul Telang - US account holders more likely to switch banks following fraud (2.17.17)

GovInfoSecurity - Randy Trzeciak - A Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats (2.15.17)

GovInfoSecurity - Randy Trzeciak - Post-Manning: Malicious Insider Defenses Evolve (2.6.17)

Note To Self - Alessandro Acquisti - Introducing: The Privacy Paradox (1.30.17)

GovInfoSecurity - Randy Trzeciak - Is Trump Militarizing Civilian Cyber Defense (1.24.17)

Digital Media

Multichannel News - Michael D. Smith - ACA Summit: Broadband, Business Services Reshaping Industry (3.30.17)

The Shorthorn - Michael D. Smith - Netflix and chill: Future of entertainment (3.1.17)

Inside Higher Ed - Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang - Does Higher Ed Fit the Narrative of 'Streaming, Sharing, Stealing'? (2.20.17)

Health Care

Pacific Standard - Amelia Haviland - The Promise and Peril of Free-Market Health-Care Reform (3.22.17)

Penn Live - Martin Gaynor - UPMC's long and sometimes controversial road to Harrisburg (3.20.17)

Roll Call - Martin Gaynor - Trumpcare: Big Bills in Small Towns (3.14.17)

Pittsburgh Business Times - James F. Jordan - Personalities of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse's James Jordan (3.14.17)

Sky Valley Chronicle - Martin Gaynor - The L.A. Times Brutal Take Down of Paul Ryan's Defense of GOP Replacement Bill For Obamacare (3.14.17)

Los Angeles Times - Martin Gaynor - On Obamacare, Paul Ryan has no idea what he's talking about (3.14.17)

The Street - Martin Gaynor - These Health Care ETFs Could Be in Play with the GOP's ACA Repeal (3.9.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - The big winner in Advocate, NorthShore breakup? Blue Cross (3.8.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Next target: tax breaks for employer plans (3.4.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Cigna reverses course, says Anthem merger should be approved (3.3.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - JAMA: Legislative action needed to improve healthcare competition (3.2.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Employers gear up for next fight after Cadillac tax (3.2.17)

The Health Care Blog - Martin Gaynor - Costs of A Hospital Monopoly in One Underserved County (2.28.17)

The Charlotte Observer - Martin Gaynor - Charlotte's brain surgery battle reveals the fierce, high-dollar competition in health care (2.23.17)

Pittsburgh Business Times - James F. Jordan - Former Carmell CEO returns to PLSG as resident entrepreneur (2.21.17)

Hartford Courant - Martin Gaynor - What's Next For Insurers? Turmoil Remains After Judges Reject Megadeals (2.13.17)

Healthcare Dive - Martin Gaynor - Humana Q4 woes echo throughout payer industry (2.9.17)

POLITICO - Martin Gaynor - With Anthem-Cigna deal blocked, industry takes stock (2.9.17)

Bloomberg - Martin Gaynor - After Two Megadeals Blocked, Health Insurers Plot Next Moves (2.8.17)

Pittsburgh Business Times - James F. Jordan - New venture for former PLSG CEO (2.2.17)

Healthcare Dive - Martin Gaynor - Why the looming Cigna-Anthem merger ruling is different from Aetna-Humana (2.1.17)

Smart Business - James F. Jordan - Who to Watch: Pittsburgh (2.1.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Aetna's antitrust defeat may signal the end of health insurance mega-mergers (1.28.17)

POLITICO - Martin Gaynor - What Tim Price will be asked today (1.24.17)

Los Angeles Times - Martin Gaynor - Judge blocks Aetna-Humana health insuance merger on antitrust grounds (1.23.17)

Advisory Board - Martin Gaynor - 6 experts weigh in on how Obama changed health care (1.19.17)

Modern Healthcare - Martin Gaynor - Post-ACA landscape raises stakes for insurer megamergers (1.5.17)

International & Labor Economics

Korea JoongAng Daily - Lee Branstetter - Fizzling U.S. innovation engine (3.29.17)

EconoFact - Lee Branstetter - Looking for Export Growth in All the Wrong Places (3.29.17)

The Irish Times - Denise Rousseau - Awareness of inherent bias will help avoid bad business decisions (3.24.17)

The Irish Times - Denise Rousseau - CRC a 'significantly better place' after rebuilding, says chief (3.15.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - There's a new 'most dangerous' man in global economics (3.11.17)

Financial Times - Brian Kovak - How the US lost its pioneering spirit (3.10.17)

VOA - Lee Branstetter - China Seeking International Law for State Control of Internet (3.9.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - The guy running Trump's trade policy just wrote a seriously troubling op-ed in The Wall Street Journal (3.6.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - Trump's trade policy violates basic rules of behavior we teach in kindergarten (3.3.17)

KERA News - Lee Branstetter - Trump wanrs of trade deficits. Economists say, who cares? (3.1.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - The clearest part of Trump's economic plan is also the most delusional part (2.27.17)

Trib Live - Lee Branstetter - Foreign investment cited as boon to Pittsburgh-region economy (2.25.17)

PRI - Lee Branstetter - Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA. So what does that really mean? (2.13.17)

The Tartan - Lee Branstetter and Brian Kovak - Carnegie Mellon responds to Trump's immigrant ban (2.12.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - How Trump killed Obama's vaunted trade deal - and why it could affect the US for decades (2.8.17)

WVTF-FM Roanoke - Lee Branstetter - The US tried extra-high tariffs before, in 1930. It was a disaster. (2.1.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - Wall Street is going to regret how lazy it's been on Trumpenomics (1.31.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - The clearest articulation of what Trump wants to do to America's economy comes from one person (1.31.17) 

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - Truth is, someone's going to lose big in Trump's economy - but no one thinks it's them (1.29.17)

Business Insider - Lee Branstetter - 'Trump's plans to finance his wall are going to hit the auto industry like a ton of bricks.' (1.26.17)

IDG Connect - Mark Kamlet - The thorny issue of automation across Latin America (1.18.17)

Smart Cities

Inverse - Vibhanshu Abhishek - Here's the Reason Car-Sharing Won't Kill the Auto Industry - (2.3.17)

Smart Business - Alexandre Jacquillat - Who to Watch: Pittsburgh (2.1.17)

PA Environment Digest - Rick Stafford - Building A Resilient, Smart & Sustainable Pittsburgh: The Energy-Water Nexus Feb. 16 (1.26.17)

TechRepublic - Jackie Speedy - How universities are helping fill the smart cities talent gap (1.18.17)

Student and Alumni News

Broadway World - Ayisha Morgan-Lee - Hill Dance Academy Students To Take Master Class With Dance Theatre of Harlem (3.21.17)

All About Beer - Leah Lizarondo - Brewers turn stale bread into beer (Print Only) (2.1.17)

Smart Business - Ketaki Desai and Leah Lizarondo - Who to Watch: Pittsburgh (2.1.17)

PR Newswire - Justin F. Klamerus, M.D., MMM - Justin F. Klamerus, M.D., MMM, appointed President of Karmanos Cancer Hospital (1.17.17)

Technology Management

Chennai Online - Ramayya Krishnan - Dean Ramayya Krishnan Honored with 2017 IIT Madras Distinguished Alumnus Award (3.16.17)

Gulf Times - Ramayya Krishnan - Eminent academics to speak at QCRI forum (3.10.17)

Military Technologies - Rahul Telang - Mobile Marketing Association Announces Industry's First Mobile Video Leadership Forum (3.10.17)

Government Technology - Daniel Nagin - When Big Data Gets It Wrong (3.7.17)

EdTech - Pedro Ferreira - Advanced Batteries Poised to Power Up Higher Education IoT (2.28.17)

WESA 90.5 FM Pittsburgh - Alessandro Acquisti - CMU Partnership Could Bring Artificial Intelligence To Accounting (2.14.17)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Ramayya Krishnan - Big Four auditor investing $11 million in CMU (1.4.17)