About Heinz College

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The Heinz College Impact: Learn more about the MSPPM program from two current students.

When Heinz College was founded more than four decades ago, Dean William Cooper had a vision of educating "men and women for intelligent action."

Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College was founded as the School of Urban and Public Affairs in 1968. The animating vision that led to the school’s founding was to bring a systems analytic approach (inspired by engineering and the mathematical social sciences) to the study of important questions of public interest.

In the years since the College’s founding, we have broken the traditional boundaries of the domain of the public interest to deeply explore the impact of information technology on organizations, markets and societies. And we have persistently explored the ways in which we could make our educational programs more relevant and effective in their curriculum, in their delivery models, and in their degree of connection to external partners.

Unlike many graduate schools, we are not organized along academic departments. Faculty from our two schools -- the School of Public Policy and Management and the School of Information Systems and Management -- collaborate on instruction and research, an operating model we believe leads to innovation in research and a superior educational experience. Our strengths span the applied disciplines of empirical methods and statistics, economics, information systems and technology, operations research and organizational behavior.

Our faculty focus their research efforts on a vast array of issues. They have established worldwide reputations for excellence in areas such as the study of crime and criminal justice, urban policy, health care policy and management, arts management, information security policy, and information systems management.

In addition to full-time, on-campus programs in Pittsburgh and Adelaide, Australia, Heinz College offers graduate-level programs to nontraditional students through part-time on-campus and distance programs, customized programs delivered virtually anywhere in the world, and executive education programs for senior managers.

Heinz College exists to improve the ability of public, not-for-profit and private organizations to address the most difficult challenges facing society, as well as to strengthen and exploit our cultural resources through skilled leadership and management. Our success is reflected in the contributions our more than 7,000 graduates have made to society, through their work in international, national, state and local public agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private corporations.

H. John Heinz III College adheres to Carnegie Mellon University's governing policies, which are available on the University's website.