Systems Synthesis - The Capstone Project

Systems Synthesis is the second-year capstone project for MSPPM and MAM students. This course embraces four educational goals that "synthesize" the Heinz School experience and apply it to the analysis of complex public policy issues:

  • Develop problem structuring and solving skills;
  • Develop project management, teamwork, and communication skills;
  • Provide a capstone experience that integrates and synthesizes "core" coursework;
  • Provide a "real world" organizational experience.

The Systems Synthesis Course Guide provides a comprehensive description of the goals, administrative management and evaluation of projects. We encourage students to refer to this guide for answers to questions ranging from the initial proposal process to preparation of final presentations and reports.

The Systems Synthesis Proposal Process includes the preparation and distribution of project proposals and an electronic discussion that facilitates exchange of ideas and information.

The content and opinions expressed in the Systems Synthesis Project Course reports at the Heinz School's website are those of the individual authors or commentators and do not necessarily reflect the views of, nor are they endorsed by, the Heinz School or Carnegie Mellon University.

Questions regarding Systems Synthesis should be directed to the MSPPM Program Director.