Course Details

Course Number: 90-844

Public Leadership

Units: 12

This course examines the elements of public leadership with a focus on evaluating policy decision making in the face of challenges, resistance and crisis.

The course highlights the practical elements of public leadership. A wide variety of case studies, including some developed by the class, are used to consider government and non-profit leadership issues. Students are required to regularly participate in discussions, and assignments that appraise the effectiveness of today’s leaders in light of the multiple, conflicting forces they face.

Students explore the need to build reliable teams, communicate effectively, identify opportunities, evaluate constraints and adapt to changing circumstances in the exercise of authority. They are called upon to demonstrate leadership skills in various collaborative and competitive exercises.

The goal of the course is to have students learn principles of effective leadership, practice their application, and prepare for a career in government or non-profit service.

*This course uses a course packet or case studies. Students will be charged a fee for the course materials. The fee for these materials will be charged to the student's account.


Robert B. Webb