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Course Number: 95-710

Economic Analysis

Units: 6

This course introduces microeconomic analysis and its applications for managers, particularly but not exclusively in the information technology sector. It focuses on the economic models and methods by which managers can analyze their market and organizational environment to make more informed decisions. The key to such effective decision-making is an understanding of the trade-offs in allocating scarce economic resources. These core microeconomics models are fundamental to many functional areas of management, including corporate strategy, finance, marketing, and production.

The primary objectives of this course are: (a) to familiarize you with the concepts and techniques of microeconomic analysis; (b) to help you develop and sharpen your analytic abilities to better understand how consumers, markets, or society function; and (c) to apply economic analysis in the information or network economy in a form suitable for the managers who have to make strategic choices involving information technology.

Pre-Calculus (Algebra and Analytic Geometry) recommended.

Alessandro Acquisti
Tiong Kiong Lim
Karen B. Clay
Veronica Marotta