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Course Number: 95-760

Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Units: 6

This is essentially a first course in Management Science or Operations research,but with a twist. In this course we will spend some time (1/5? 1/4? 1/3? on the programming language that accompanies Excel: Visual Basic for Application (a.k.a. VBA). MISM students have already had a good dose of programming in Java (and perhaps other languages as well), so I feel that learning a language as basic as...Basic should be easy and hopefully enjoyable. Given that VBA is tightly coupled to the spreadsheet Excel (which itself is a major thrust of a modern DMUU course), seems all the more reason to look carefully at it. Most serious programmers tend to "look down" on VBA, sometimes for good reason,but I think you will and that it is a reasonably complete (non-object-oriented, but object-based) language worthy of of a MISM student's time.

Learning Objectives:

Course goals, in increasing order of importance:
- Become facile with Excel. This helps you get a job.
- Survey many decision science methods. This helps you hire consultants intelligently, should you need to.
- Learn some analytical methods. This helps you solve smaller problems yourself.

- Learn how to model (mathematically). This helps you think rigorously. This is the most important goal.


95-796 Statistics for IT Managers 6 Credits

David Choi
Riaz Esmailzadeh
Stephen F. Roehrig
Alexandre Jacquillat