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Course Number: 95-796

Statistics for IT Managers

Units: 6

This introductory course in data analysis and statistical inference requires no background in statistics. Its objective is to provide individuals who aspire to enter IT management positions with the basic statistical tools for analyzing and interpreting data. The course is divided into three distinct modules: descriptive statistics, statistical inference, and regression analysis. The emphasis of the classes on descriptive statistics is the calculation and interpretation of summary statistical measures for describing raw data. The sessions on statistical inference are designed to provide you with the background for executing and interpreting hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. The final component of the course focuses on regression analysis, a widely used statistical methodology. Throughout the course you will regularly analyze data relevant to IT management using the statistical software package Minitab.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
Apply techniques for analyzing and interpreting data to real-world datasets relevant to IT management.

Perform and interpret elementary statistical inferences (such as confidence intervals and hypothesis tests) both by hand and using the statistical software package Minitab.

Analyze real data relating to online pricing and software cost estimation and describe the analysis results and conclusions


Rahul Ladhania
Daniel B. Neill
Janusz Szczypula
Benjamin Zamzow