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Course Number: 95-831

Enterprise Architectures

Units: 6

Enterprise architectures combine business elements (strategic directions and business drivers) with information technology elements (standards, technology capabilities and trends) to provide a blueprint that can be used to help businesses to both enable and constrain technology management decisions.

In this course, students will learn what an Enterprise Architecture is, how it is used in decision making and how it affects the enterprise’s ability to meet its business objectives.

Students will gain a conceptual understanding of a variety of types of application architectures and a good understanding of their pros and cons. In addition, the class will cover the role of data models, data quality, privacy and data standards, as well as technology infrastructure architectures and how the different components of the enterprise architecture fit together.

The class will also examine some of the common frameworks for developing an enterprise architecture and the relevant perspectives that need to be taken into account in developing it. Using examples of enterprise architectures, we will analyze the "quality" of an enterprise architecture and be introduced to understanding how to design these architectures.


Murlikrishna Viswanathan
Mark Yanalitis