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Course Number: 93-861

Script/Story Analysis

Units: 6

**This course is limited to students in the Heinz College MEIM program**

This course is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the creative process in both film and television as it relates to story and script analysis. Topics will include character development; dramatic tone, styles, genres, the adaptability of source material into scripts and the creative process from the point of view of the writer. Further emphasis will be given to generating ideas and concepts; networking and readers.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objective

Analyze story logic and structure by looking at the works from Aristotle to Vogler.

Gain experience in preparing pitches, script coverage as you learn to identify strengths and weaknesses of literary material

Develop effective ways to pitch and hone presentation skills

Recognize the viability of source material and how to adjust story based on development notes

Examine the roles of the writer/ development executive within the production food chain.

Provide historical reference to the role of the writer

• In-class discussion
• Generating Ideas: The Next Step


Daniel Green