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Course Number: 94-823

Measuring Social

Units: 12

As we continue to generate greater amounts of unstructured data, companies have been increasingly turning their attention on how to leverage this unique data source. A large percentage of this data gets generated on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Another source of this data comes from internal platforms companies use for collaboration and communication including blogs, wikis, social communities. Measuring Social is designed to help organization understand social data (channels, types, frequency), who generates this data (market segments), how to access it (sampling, tools, surveying) and analyze it to ultimately develop strategies that meet business objectives.

This class is designed as an experiential learning environment where large brand name companies work directly with student teams.

To date, we have worked with over 70 companies through the class including Warner Bros. , Microsoft, The New York Times, Intel, Nike, Daimler, Walgreens, HBO, eBay and others. Students are given academic licenses to software to help them with their projects including social listening applications and online utilization platforms. The class is open to graduate students from all Heinz programs as well as Tepper, CS and Design students. Teams are socially engineered to bring together inter-disciplinary experience and skills that will best address complex and often times ambiguous problem statement. Classes deal with current issues addressing our continuous use of social platforms including identity, industry disruption, engagement, transparency and community analysis.

During each semester, we bring in a variety of speakers including executives from Facebook, LinkedIN, Jive, Lithium, PwC, R/GA and a host of other companies doing interesting work with social data. Teams deal directly with their project sponsors and need to work through project management, task allocation, scope definition in addition to measuring social data. This class is ideal for the student who is interested in project management, consulting, data analytics and understanding the social space.

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