Course Details

Course Number: 95-758

Network and Internet Security

Units: 12

This course is intended to give students an introduction to the design, operation and security of enterprise data networks. The course will focus on applying infrastructure and security principles related to organizational networks as well as managerial and policy topics. The purpose of the course lectures, assignments, readings, and examinations are to ensure students have sufficient technical awareness and managerial competence that will enable them to pursue advanced study in information security policy and management as they progress through the program. There is no prerequisite for this course, however successful students will have fundamental knowledge of information and computer systems, and a general awareness of security issues in these systems.

Learning Objectives:

• A working knowledge of the need to properly design networks to properly support an organization, properly accommodate networking protocols, and properly secure an organization’s cyber assets through its network infrastructure
• Specific topics covered include:
o Application of security principles to computer networking
o The OSI and TCP/IP models of network communication
o Network security at different layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models
o Enterprise systems for AAA
o Designing networks on selected protocols to support business operations while maintaining identified levels of network security
o Supporting secondary network connectivity (wireless, VPNs, BYOD devices, partner networks, cross-domain and other connectivity types)
o Designing networks to support Resiliency Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and other principles to avoid network failures that negatively impact the organization’s ability to deliver on its core mission

o Methods to prevent, detect and respond to security breaches, including the role of Incident Response Teams.


Joe Mayes