Student Handbooks & Forms

H. John Heinz III College adheres to Carnegie Mellon University's governing policies, which are available on the University's website.

Visit Carnegie Mellon's Graduate Studies website to learn more about the many facets of graduate study at the University.

Below are links to program handbooks and various forms for our currently enrolled students. This printable information is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

College-Wide Student Handbook

Teaching Assistant Handbook

Program Handbooks

Student Forms

Heinz College Electronic Forms

The electronic forms listed below are tied to workflow automation software that helps expedite the processing of student forms. Please use the forms listed below for any petitions related to courses offered by Heinz College (only). Please use the existing paper forms for courses offered by other departments on campus.

University Enrollment Services Forms

For all Enrollment Services Forms, visit:

  • Pass/Fail  (For course outside of Heinz College)
  • Leave of Absence Form
  • Return from a Leave of Absence
  • Course Audit  (For course outside of Heinz College)
  • Consent to Release Student Information (for recommendations)
  • Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) Cross-Registration:
    • Heinz College will count both the units AND the grade for any class taken at another university in Pittsburgh, through the Pittsburgh Consortium on Higher Education (PCHE) arrangement. These classes will appear with units and grades on your Carnegie Mellon University transcript and will factor into your Heinz units and QPA. The University will typically count a 3 credit class elsewhere as 9 units (which will appear on your official transcript), but Heinz will count that same class as 12 units, according to the values we assign to full-semester classes.
    • Outgoing students (CMU students) must be registered for 36 units BEFORE adding the PCHE course. No exceptions, except for approved joint programs. PCHE courses cannot count toward full-time status.
    • Students must maintain 36 units of CMU courses throughout the semester, or will be dropped from PCHE courses.

Heinz College Forms (Paper-Based)

MSPPM Course Information

Program Checklists

Advanced Coursework Requirements

AMP Automatic Exemption Form

Career Forms