Become an Admissions Ambassador

Graduate students at Heinz College receive valuable training in policy, management and information technology. They also share ideas and experiences with people from diverse backgrounds and exercise the practical application of their training. This knowledge, in addition to their real-world understanding of organizations, trends, professional networking and job opportunities, is an invaluable resource to prospective students considering Heinz for graduate school.

Our alumni and students are the best representatives of the impact Heinz College can have on someone’s life. Sharing your knowledge and experience with potential students plays an important part in the continued success of our programs and Heinz College’s standing among the world’s premier higher education institutions.

Many of our students and alumni seek out ways to actively participate in the recruitment process. In response to this interest, we are building a resource for prospective students wherein knowledgeable and enthusiastic alumni and students interact with prospective students (on the phone, over email or in person) considering Heinz College for graduate school. These “Admissions Ambassadors” share their Heinz College experiences with our prospective students. Not only does this provide an avenue for our graduates and current students to give back, it also extends the reach of the admissions office, which is becoming increasingly vital as our applicant pool grows each year.

Our alumni and current students make up an incredible social and career network, and we appreciate that you may already be helping us recruit on an informal basis within that network. Volunteering to serve as an ambassador can be as easy as emailing or calling prospective students. If you have more time or want to interact face-to-face with prospective students, you can choose to attend a graduate school fair or host an event in your city. You can even become a digital ambassador and share information about Heinz College using your existing social media networks. No matter how you choose to be involved, your contribution greatly impacts our effort to bring in new, talented students.

Become a Heinz College Admissions Ambassador now by completing our brief online form!