Application Process Timeline

Login to your online application to check the status of materials


Approximately 1 - 3 weeks after you submit your online application

Approximately 3 - 5 weeks after you submit your online application

Application Status

Changes from "Not Submitted" to "Incomplete"

Changes from "Incomplete" to "Complete" when all the materials have been verified and processed by admission staff

Resume & Essay

Status changes to "Received (Official)" once you submit your application.

Status remains "Received (Official)"


Status will remain "Not Received"
It will change when the admission staff has processed your transcript(s) / evaluation report(s)  [During high processing times, a delay of up to 3 weeks is expected between receipt of your document and processing your document.]

Status changes to "Received (Official)" when the admission staff has verified and processed your transcript(s) / evaluation report(s)

Test Scores

2 possible status messages:

  • If you entered your score: "Received (Not official)"
  • If you did not enter your score: "Not Received"

It will change when the admission staff has verified and processed your official test score(s)

Status changes to "Received (Official)" when the admission staff has verified and processed your test score(s)
*The admissions staff will email you if we are unable to verify your test score(s)

Recommend- ations

2 possible status messages:

  • If your recommender has submitted: "Received (Official)"
  • If your recommender has NOT submitted: "Not Received"

The status will automatically update 24 hours after your recommender hit the submit button.

If the status is "Not Received", please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to contact your recommenders and urge them to submit as soon as possible. You can re-send the email notification to your recommender from the application system.
The status will automatically update to "Received (Official)" once your recommender has submitted their recommendation


Online Application

1. Technical issues with the application?
If you are having technical issues with the application, please visit the technical support website for our online application at

2. Application Status
Please see the table at the top of this page.

3. Can I apply to 2 different program or 2 different tracks within the same program?
You are able to apply to two programs, but you will need to create two separate accounts with two different e-mail addresses and submit two application forms. You will only need to submit one copy of your transcripts and test scores.

Please note that if you are interested in 2 tracks of the same degree program, it is better to apply to your primary track of interest and mention your interest in the other track in a brief “optional essay.” Also note that applying to more than one program does not increase your chances for admission to any degree program at Heinz College.

4. Can you review my application if some of my materials arrive late?
We will not be able to review your application until all materials are received and processed. Please be sure to submit all required materials as described in the online application instructions.


1. Why does my Essay status read "Received (Unofficial)? Even though I uploaded the correct document in my application.
Our office verifies all the uploaded documents to make sure that everything that you uploaded into the system was uploaded correctly. Until our office verifies these documents, you status will read "Received (Unofficial). Once the documents have been verified, the status will change to "Received (Official)".


1. Did you receive my test scores?
Please see the table at the top of the page to determine the status of your test scores.


1. Can I change a recommender?
Yes – you may update your recommender(s) using the “Recommendations” page of the online application for any recommender who has not yet started the online recommendation form.

If a recommender you need to update has already started the online application form, please send e-mail to the Admissions Office ( with the recommender you want to remove and the new recommender’s name and e-mail address.  Please do not have the new recommender mail or e-mail a letter to us. They will receive instructions via e-mail and will be able to submit the letter electronically.

You may not remove or change a recommendation that has already been submitted. If the recommender has concerns about what they submitted, please ask that person to contact the Admissions Office ( directly.


1. Did you receive my test scores?
Please see the table at the top of the page to determine the status of your test scores.


You will find a majority of your transcript-related answers on the following pages, based on which program you are interested in:

Full-time and Part-time Master's Programs

Master of Medical Management

Ph.D. Programs

Below are some additional questions:

1. My Institution provides English Version Copies of my Transcript.  Do I still need to go through a transcript verification service?
We have in years past accepted English translations provided directly from an International University.  However, we now require that all International Academic documents be verified by a transcript verification service.  The verification not only provides courses in English and grades on the US scale, but they provide services to our committee members should they have questions regarding the transcript.

2. Will you accept an evaluation report from XYZ Corporation?
If you find another transcript evaluation service that you would prefer to use, please ensure they provide all stated requirements:

  • Accredited Evaluation Agency
  • Office in the United States 
  • Customer Service contact phone number our admissions committee may call
  • Course-by-course evaluation service