Become a Mentor

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As a graduate of Heinz College, your understanding of organizations, career options, trends, professional networking and job opportunities is invaluable to students and other alumni. We invite you to share this knowledge by mentoring a current student or participating in the Career Network.

How the Mentor Program Works

As a mentor, we'll pair you with a student interested in your field of employment or career path, or who shares a similar background. You can help by offering career guidance, academic advice, and wisdom gained from your personal and professional experiences. This provides students an opportunity to build personal relationships and expand their professional network as they transition into the marketplace.

To sign up, follow these easy steps:

  • Join the Heinz College LinkedIn group if you are not already a member.
  • Fill out a quick online form so that you are in our directory for students to search.
  • If a student requests you as a mentor, a Mentor Program Coordinator will contact you regarding your availability and how you would like the student to contact you.

For more information, contact one of the Mentor Coordinators listed below:

Diana Aguilar -

Sedra Davis -

Sarah Weber -

Iris Liu -

Kathryn Dickerson -


Networking Event: Network Pittsburgh

Alumni Career Network

The Career Network includes alumni who are willing to answer questions on a short-term basis. Alumni provide advice on jobs, internships, their organizations, job search tips, information about the cities in which they live and more. To become a member of the Career Network, contact the Alumni Relations Office. You can also become a member by simply joining the Heinz College LinkedIn group.

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