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Rahul Telang

Professor of Information Systems PhD Program Chair

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Professor Telang’s research interest lies in two major domains. First is on Digital Media Industry with a particular focus on digitization of songs, movies, TV and books is affecting the incentives of content provider, content distributors as well public policy challenges in terms of innovation and copyright. In particular, he has examined the issue proliferation of distribution platforms including online piracy and its impact on traditional music, movies and books industry. Recently, he is investigating the role of social networks on music diffusion, technology adoption, and employee job search. Some of his prior work explored the challenges of interaction of multiple platforms (web portals vs telephony for customer service; SMS and voice for cellular phones). He was the recipient of Sloan Foundation Industry Study fellowship for his work in this domain and is a co-director of Digital Media Research Center at the Heinz College. His work is also funded extensively by industry participants including Google.

His second area of work is on economics of information security and privacy. He has examined the issue of vendors’ incentives to improve the quality of their products and role of policy making and standards in changing these incentives. His earlier work explores the challenges of vulnerability disclosure and how competition and policy making affect these patch release decisions. Recently, he is examining the role of data breach disclosure laws on identity thefts. He was the recipient of NSF CAREER award for his work on economics of information security.

Dr. Telang has published extensively in many top journals like Management Science, Marketing Science, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, and Journal of Marketing Research. He is on the editorial board of Management Science and ISR. He has organized many conferences and workshops and many of his papers have received top honors at journals and conferences.

Representative Publications:

Anuj Kumar, Rahul Telang, “Product Customization and Customer Service Costs: An Empirical Analysis”, forthcoming, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM).

S Romanosky, R Telang, A Acquisti, “Do Data Breach Disclosure Laws Reduce Identity Theft?”,forthcoming, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM).

Michael Smith, Rahul Telang (2010), “Competing with Free: The Impact of Movie Broadcasting on DVD Sales and Internet Piracy”, MIS Quarterly, 33(2), 321-338.

Ashish Arora, Rahul Telang, Hao Xu (2008), “Optimal Policy for Software Vulnerability Disclosure”, Management Science, 54(4), 642-656.

B Danaher, S Dhanasobhon, M Smith, R. Telang (2010), “Converting Pirates without Cannibalizing Purchasers: The Impact of Digital Distribution on Physical Sales and Internet Piracy”, Marketing Science, 29(6), 1138:1151.

Anindya Ghose, Michael Smith, Rahul Telang (2006), "Internet Exchanges for Used Books: An Empirical Analysis of Product Cannibalization and Welfare Impact", Information Systems Research (ISR), 17(1), 3-19.


PhD, Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper School of Business)

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