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Photo of Rakesh  Thapar

Rakesh Thapar

Adjunct Faculty

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Rakesh Thapar has over twenty years of engineering experience in Packet Data Networks, wireless networks, Enterprise IT applications, storage systems and Embedded Systems. His previous management positions have dealt with all areas of engineering from concept, ASIC and hardware development, software development, product test and certification, to launch and rollout.

He is currently working as Vice President of Engineering at Vocollect Inc.. He was the Assistant Dean for the MISM & MSISPM program at the Heinz School in 2004. He has previously worked at Padcom, Marconi (Fore Systems), University of New Hampshire , Boston University and IIT Roorkee.


B.S., University of Roorkee, India (aka IIT Roorkee)
M.S., Colorado State University
Ph.D, Boston University