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Photo of Wilpen L. Gorr

Wilpen L. Gorr

Professor of Public Policy and Information Systems

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Wil Gorr has been on the Heinz College faculty since 1985. He serves as the faculty chair of the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) program and is chair of the Faculty Oversight Committee for the MSPPM program in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the Heinz College faculty as professor, he was assistant and associate professor at the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University. He obtained his Ph.D. from the School of Urban and Public Affairs, the Heinz College's predecessor, and obtained his master and bachelor degrees from The Pennsylvania State University. He is a member of the Association of Public Policy and Management and the International Institute of Forecasters.

In 2011, Wil won the Martcia Wade Teaching Award in the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University. In 2005, Wil was inducted as a Fellow of the International Institute of Forecasters. He is past editor of the International Journal of Forecasting. He was recipient of the Best Paper Award from the American Information Systems Society for "ServiceNet: An Agent-Based Framework for E-Government" in August 2001, and has received numerous teaching awards from Carnegie Mellon and Ohio State.

Wil's research interests include geographic information systems, predictive models, and management science models applied to public sector problems. His current research includes developing leading indicator forecast models for law enforcement, application of the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) framework to time series analysis and forecasting, and information systems for support of policy and planning in organizations. His publications have appeared in Management Science, Geographical Analysis, The International Journal of Forecasting, Criminology, MIS Quarterly, and other leading journals. He has received funding from the National Institute of Justice, Centers for Disease Control, the National Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and other organizations.

Wil teaches database, geographic information systems, and project courses. He and his colleague, Kristen Kurland, have written three geographic information systems textbooks for ESRI Press.


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Research Interest(s)

Geographic Information Systems, Predictive Models, and Management Science Models applied to Public sector problems.


PhD, Operations Research, Carnegie Mellon University

Representative Publications

Working Papers