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Norton Gusky

Adjunct Faculty

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Norton L. Gusky is an Adjunct Faculty Member at the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management, and has been an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Gusky was the Coordinator of Educational Technology for the Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, PA. He is currently an educational technology broker for his own firm, NLG Consulting, LLC. He currently manages the Quality Schools Consortium, and the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference. Gusky is a member of the International Society of Technology in Education; the Marketing Committee, Coalition of Schools Networked; Education Committee of Three Rivers Connect. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Manchester Academy Charter School.

Gusky’s degrees include a B.A. in History from Dickinson College and an M.A.T. in Elementary Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He has completed post-graduate work in Instructional Technology at Penn State, as well as post-graduate work in Gifted Education and Computer Education at West Virginia University.

Norton Gusky is responsible for the instruction of courses, “Technology and Educational Restructuring” and “Integrating Technology into Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment” at the Heinz School.

Norton Gusky is a member of the executive committee for JFILM and the vice-president of the Neighborhood Learning Alliance Board of Directors. He has also been on the Board of Directors for the Louise Child Care Center and was the Vice President and Chairperson for the Training, Mentoring, and Consulting Committee. He was also responsible for the marketing of the Bayer In-Line Skating Classic.


2011 Propel Schools Tech Fair: “DRP - Making Information more Personalized and Accessible.”
2010 Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference: “iPad - Fad or Technology Innovation.”
2008 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Exposition and Conference: “Using Rich Digital Media.”
2007 Consortium for School Networking: “Moodle - Creating Interactive and Engaged Learning.”
2005 National Education Computer Conference: “Bringing Student Voices Online.”
2004 Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference: “Making do with Less.”
2003 National Education Computer Conference: “Bringing PEP to Technology”
2002 Coalition of Schools Networked: “Meeting Standards for Digital Learning”
1999 Link-to-Learn Conference: “Bringing Schools and Community Together.”
1998 Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference: “Building Bridges: American Israeli Distance Learning Partnership.”
1997 National Education Computer Conference: “Bringing Schools and Community Together.”
1997 Wired Together: The Online Classroom in K-12, “Netsliding into the Future.”
1996 National Conference on Comprehensive Systems of Personnel Development: “Distance Learning.”
1995 National Education Computer Conference: “Synergizing Technology with Continuous Progress Instruction.”


BA, History, Dickinson College,
MAT, Elementary Education, University of Pittsburgh