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Photo of Kim J. Hyatt

Kim J. Hyatt

Associate Teaching Professor, cLab Director and IT Faculty Consultant

Office: 3037 Hamburg Hall
Voice: 412-268-4821


Dr. Kim J. Hyatt is an Associate Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College. She teaches Professional Writing and Business English for the School of Information Systems & Management and Strategic Presentation Skills for the School of Public Policy & Management.  In addition, Kim is also the director of cLab, an online communications lab, and an instructional technology (IT) faculty consultant. 


Associate Editor, Journal in Applied Research in Higher Education (JARHE)

The Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education is an online peer-reviewed journal. The central aim is to promote improved practice by encouraging informed debate into pedagogic and related matters in higher education.

USA Liaison of Information and Communication Technology Education, Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL)

Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association liaisons are volunteers (academics, scholars, and educators) who represent HETL to the global higher education community. Their goal is to...

* Support higher education development and sustainable learning all over the world.

* Support academic and pedagogical pluralism within the global higher education ecosystem.

* Support social responsibility and ethical practices in all disciplines/modes of learning.

Associate Editor, International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education (IJICTE)

The purpose of the International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education is to grow a body of research, propose new applications of technology for teaching and learning, and document those practices that contribute irrefutable verification of information technology education as a discipline.

Member of the Write Experience Advocacy Network

Write Experience is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) product designed and created for the higher education market and powered by e-Write IntelliMetric, the analytical writing assessment for the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Member of the Review Board, Institute for Meaning-Centered Education (MCE)

The Institute for Meaning-Centered Education (ICME) is an international think-tank of scholars and educators whose vision is to advance the scholarship and practice of meaning-centered  education (MCE) and meaning-centered learning (MCL). Modern educational scholars and practitioners seek a comprehensive framework that will enable researchers and practitioners to better respond to the need of renewing the deep purposes of education in a globalized world. They seek a framework that will provide them with the scaffolding needed to create an ontologized activity system in education that is capable of ensuring meaning-making in research and educational experiences for instructors and learners. MCE-MCL may offer the potential to create a paradigm shift in higher education, turning it into a personally meaningful, transforming, agency-based, dialogic, holistic, and collaborative endeavor.



Professor Hyatt holds four teaching certifications and two administrative certifications in the state of Pennsylvania. As an educational consultant for school districts and universities, she specializes in pedagogy, instructional technology and assessment.

Member of ChinaLinks Consulting Group

ChinaLinks is an educational consulting group that provides faculty development programs for universities in China.  The workshops focus on best practices in pedagogy, as well as the latest tools for instructional technology.  



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Hyatt, K.J., Kush, J., Barone, W., & Mautino, R. (2008, November). Utilizing technology for accreditation. Paper presented at the International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain.

Hyatt, K.J. (2007). Graduate Elementary Leading Teacher Program: Accreditation Report for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Hyatt, K.J. (2007). Graduate Elementary Leading Teacher Program: Accreditation Report for the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI). Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Hyatt, K.J., Kush, J., Barone, W., Mautino, R. (2007, November). Assessment systems. Paper presented at the 3rd International Forum on Teacher Education, Shanghai, China.

Hyatt, K.J. (2007, October). Accreditation: collecting, organizing, and presenting data. Paper presented at the Clute Institute for Academic Research College Teaching and Learning, Las Vegas, NV.

Hyatt, K.J. & Rhodes, S. (2007, January). How to utilize a database to collect comprehensive information on applicant qualifications, candidate proficiencies, program quality, unit operations, and graduates. Paper presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI.

Hyatt, K.J. (2006). Graduate Elementary Leading Teacher Program: Accreditation Report for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.



Virtual Mentoring for Teachers: Online Professional Development Practices was notably reviewed in the International Journal of Distance Education Technologies (2013).

Nominated for the “Marcia Wade Teaching Award.”  Awarded annually in memory of Marcia Wade, a former CMU faculty member who was committed to student learning, to a faculty member in recognition of outstanding teaching (2012).

Nominated for a "Distinguished Alumni Award" for the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh (2011).

Invited to present at the Barbara A. Sizemore Urban Education Initiative.  The Barbara A. Sizemore Summer Conference, Reconceptualizing Urban Education: In Search of a New Paradigm, was designed to bring together the Pittsburgh community around issues related to improving education for all students, particularly the education of students in urban schools (2010). 

Featured work in Professional Development School and School-University Partnerships (2009).

Nominated for the “Creative Teaching Award” based on the utilization of technology in the college classroom at Duquesne University (2008).

Nominated for the “President’s Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching” at Duquesne University (2008). 

Won "Best Paper Award" for Accreditation – Collecting, Organizing, and Presenting Data at the Institute for Academic Research College Teaching and Learning conference (2007). 

The Graduate Elementary Leading Teacher Program (GELTP) was showcased on the School of Education’s assessment system for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) review team.  The GELTP documented candidate proficiencies and program quality; it was the basis for the prestigious award won by Duquesne University, Promoting Excellence in Teacher Education (PETE) at the 2007 AACTE conference.   


Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh