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Photo of Kathleen A. Smith

Kathleen A. Smith

Associate Teaching Professor

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Professor Smith is currently working on her dissertation in management accounting at the University of Pittsburgh. Her areas of interest include management incentives and behavior in issues of transfer pricing.

Professor Smith taught mathematics at the Fox Chapel High School and later taught statistics and management accounting part time at the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to returning to the graduate program at Pitt, she worked as a programmer analyst for a small, private company, where she designed, wrote, coded and implemented an accounts receivable system, as well as assisted in writing an inventory and control system. While serving as treasurer of her condominium association, she designed and installed an accounting system to assist with the decision making and other needs of the organization. She is currently serving as President of the Friends of CFC, an auxiliary of a non-profit arts organization in Pittsburgh. She has also installed and implemented an accounting information system for this organization.

Professor Smith is very interested in the non-profit sector and serves in many volunteer positions in the public and not-for-profit area. She is a member of the board of directors of the Children's Festival Chorus. She also serves on several committees at the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church. In the public schools, she serves as a parent representative to the Dorseyville Middle School's site-based management team.

Professor Smith holds a BS in Education and Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has an MBA and ABD degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where she is currently completing her doctoral studies


MBA, University of Pittsburgh

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