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Information Technology (MSIT)

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is available as a one-year track program and the Master of Science in Information Technology (Information Technology Management) (MSIT (ITM)) as a two-year track program.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) - One-year Track
CRICOS Course Code: 057780G

The MSIT one-year track program is available to students with three years or more professional experience.

The MSIT one-year track requires 144 units:

  • 66 units of core courses
  • 72 units of elective courses


Master of Science in Information Technology (Information Technology Management) (MSIT (ITM)) - Two-year Track
CRICOS Course Code: 072573M

The MSIT (ITM) two-year track program is available to students with less than three years professional experience.

The MSIT (ITM) two-year track requires 168 Units:

  • 114 units of core courses
  • 30 units of elective courses
  • 24 unit capstone project (Information Systems Project)
  • One full-semester internship

Students have the opportunity to study one semester at Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh campus through the University Exchange Program.

Programming Prerequisite

At least one college level computer-programming course is required. We recommend an object-oriented programming course, specifically Java. Taking a Java programming course prior to enrolling will allow you more curriculum flexibility.

Learning Outcomes

At completion of the MSIT program, graduates will be able to competently:

  • Design, document and develop robust, extensible and highly maintainable data-intensive applications using cutting edge technologies tailored to the specific needs of any business scenario
  • Explain and apply the core aspects of information technology principles and tools, and manage their implementation in a business context
  • Understand and facilitate the strategic and operational benefits of business models and technology applications
  • Manage complex IT projects with consideration of the human, financial and environmental factors and an understanding of risk management processes, and operational and policy implications
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of current technologies and apply them intelligently to meet the needs of each application
  • Apply their practical experience in IT projects developed through assessment projects for real world clients focussing on technology auditing and recommendations, and system development
  • Utilise high level interpersonal skills to negotiate and communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders verbally and in writing


Carnegie Mellon University’s MSIT and MSIT (ITM) degree feature a unique interdisciplinary curriculum of analytical and quantitative studies. Students are empowered to customise their degree by selecting from a variety of course electives carried out via coursework and independent study.


Students are strongly encouraged to apply for exemption of a required course if they possess the skills taught in that course (excluding project work courses). Exemptions allow students to take additional electives without reducing the total number of units required for the degree. To receive an exemption, you must either take a qualifying exam or petition the instructor of the relevant course. Further details are provided to students at orientation.

Independent Study

Independent study courses provide students the flexibility to direct their program. Independent study comprises a student undertaking an elective course of interest through one-on-one interaction with a professor, rather than in a class format. Students are permitted to count up to 12 units of independent study towards their degree.

Real World Experience

MSIT students undertake extensive learning and practical experience in the field of information technology and management through Information System Projects unique to Carnegie Mellon University, internships and convocations providing them with a competitive career advantage.

Information System Projects

The Information Systems Project course takes students beyond theory into the practical application of skills through the opportunity to work with public and private companies, government agencies on real-world projects. The goal of these projects is to provide MSIT students with the skills necessary for structuring, managing, and carrying out information systems projects within an organisation.


Students of the MSIT program are provided the opportunity to undertake an internship with public and private companies or government agencies to gain invaluable real world work experience. Internships provide the opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the practical challenges facing today’s institutions, adding greater depth of knowledge and experience to an already robust degree.


Convocations are an exclusive forum in which students have the invaluable opportunity to learn from high profile guest speakers who lead organisations, analyse and develop policy and play an integral role in information technology, public policy and management.

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CRICOS Provider Number: 02696B


Alumni Update from Nairobi

“Since returning home, I have taken responsibility for more IT projects due to my study and achievements at CMU, and this greatly boosts my career development. “I am definitely more valuable as a human resource now, and I hope this will help me to reach my career goal of working in project management at consultancy level.” Read more.

Student Perspective

As a child in Mumbai, Manisha Biswas was fascinated by pictures of Australian flora and fauna on the Discovery Channel. 20 years later she is studying for her Master in Science in Information Technology (MSIT) at the Australian campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Adelaide. Read more.


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