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Course Details

Course Number: 90-830

Financial Management of Health Systems

Units: 12

This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding of health systems financial management. Students will acquire technical expertise and analytical skills to evaluate financial matters encountered in the overall management of health systems (e.g. hospitals, physician practices, integrated delivery systems, and nursing homes). Non-financial health care managers should develop practical skills to assess financial implications of future federal/state health policy and budget decisions. Many students find this course to be helpful as background for other health care elective courses.

This course will include:

Lectures and extensive textbook readings to familiarize students with health systems financial management functions. Historical perspectives will include a macroeconomic overview of health expenditures, and the evolution of third-party payors. Detailed review of current payment and reimbursement systems for providers and insurers, including Medicare and Medical Assistance.
Lectures by guest speakers, who will share their experiences in applying financial management theories within various health care situations.
Presentation of case studies which provide students an opportunity to apply their skills to practical situations.

90-724 Financial Analysis 12 Credits
90-761 Principles of Healthcare Management 12 Credits
90-804 Industrial Organization 12 Credits

Richard C. Chesnos
Frank Van Atta