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Course Details

Course Number: 94-706

Health Care Information Systems

Units: 12

In this new era of managed care, with its emphasis on improving cost efficiency without risking quality of care, information technology has emerged as a powerful force in helping to achieve multiple goals within health care organizations. The explosive advances in information technology combined with the current climate for health care reform has created the need for skilled individuals who can develop, understand, manage and integrate medical information systems in organizations. This course will explore the concepts and application of major information systems methodologies and approaches in the delivery of modern health care systems. Imaging applications, electronic data interchange, integrated delivery systems, computerized patient records, artificial intelligence and expert medical systems, decision support systems and Internet based applications are some of the areas that will be covered. A semester-long group project that synthesizes different topics will be a required component of the course.

This course cannot be taken as a pass/fail.

90-728 Introduction to Database Management 6 Credits

Rema Padman