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Course Details

Course Number: 90-912


Units: 12

This course will examine demographic theory, modeling and policy. It will cover six major topics:

The Population Growth Debate, including population, resources, and technology;
Life Tables and the Stationary Population Model;
Mortality in terms of modern rates of decline, differentials by sub-groups, shifts in causes of death, the increased morbidity with aging and increased life expectancy, and the associated demands on the health care system;
Fertility in terms of the modern rates of change and the approximate determinants of child bearing: exposure to risk, timing and patterns of sexual activities, contraception, carrying to term versus abortion, divorce and its effects and teen pregnancy;
Migration including legal and illegal immigration and;
Population Composition and Its Effects on Social Life: sex ratios, dependency ratios, cohorts, life course and aging; labor force, poverty, inter-group association/segregation, demography and organization - education, criminal justice, labor, health; and the demography of sub-populations.

Shelby Stewman