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Course Details

Course Number: 90-923

Empirical Industrial Organization

Units: 6

This course is intended to introduce graduate students in economics to the recent literature in empirical industrial organization (IO). The
empirical industrial organization literature is so large that one "mini" course could not hope to cover it in its entirety, and this course makes no attempt at a comprehensive literature survey. Rather, the course focuses on recent research, with particular attention paid to important methodological developments in the last ten years. In-depth coverage of a small number of topics is preferred to superficial coverage of a large number of topics. This course will be team-taught by several Carnegie Mellon professors with professional interests based in (or near) the industrial organization literature. The team for fall 2008 is scheduled to include Ashish Arora (Heinz), Lee Branstetter (Heinz/SDS), Stephen Klepper (SDS/Tepper), and Martin Gaynor (Heinz).

Empirical IO is essentially the application of econometric techniques to test the propositions of IO theory, and the recent literature has used an increasingly wide array of increasingly sophisticated techniques. This is not an econometrics course, per se, but we cannot teach the course without in-depth discussion of the econometric strategies used to identify the parameters of interest - these generally constitute the intellectual "value-added" of the papers. Where necessary, lectures on the papers may be supplemented with brief reviews of the relevant econometric techniques.

Lee Branstetter
Martin S. Gaynor