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Course Details

Course Number: 91-808

Performance Management

Units: 6

The purpose of this course is to develop the manager's skills in facilitating performance, learning, teamwork and customer/client responsiveness. Cases from public and private organizations will be used with particular emphasis on managing in public and volunteer organizations.

Topics include:

Contracting for high performance - managing the psychological contract

Goals - defining and measuring performance
Rewards and consequences - incentives, feedback, and feedforward (with special emphasis on non-financial rewards)
Individual differences - distinct contracts for different workers, equity, fairness, consistency
Linkages and the performance paradox - why organizations sometimes perform poorly even when their people are competent
New management roles - what to do when workers can manage themselves
Managing interdependence - teamwork, group performance
Organizational learning - best practice sharing, propagating expertise, adapting to change, sustaining the performance momentum
The class will be:

Problem oriented - focusing on cases, managerial dilemmas and organizational experiences provided by class participants

Hands-on - group problem solving and decision making will be used to demonstrate key principle


Denise M. Rousseau