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Course Number: 91-809

Organizational Change: Transition And Transformation

Units: 6

Organizational change occurs in many forms from minor transitions to transformations and upheavals. Effectively managing change involves different activities depending on the scope of change and the organization's readiness for it. Special attention will be given to managing disruptions from transitions and inevitable losses that change brings. Cases will be used from public administration and for-profit organizations with emphasis on those with extensive involvement of multiple stakeholders (e.g. employees, general public, boards, clients and customers.)

Strategies for Accommodation (minor changes) versus strategies for Transformation (major upheavals)
Diagnosing readiness for change
Building support and legitimacy for change
Top/down and bottom/up facilitation of change
Change issues relevant at different phases of implementation
Feedback and redesign to implement changes that are effective and enduring


91-800 Organizational Management: Theory And Practice 12 Credits
94-700 Organizational Design And Implementation 6 Credits

Denise M. Rousseau