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Course Details

Course Number: 90-722

Management Science I: Optimization and Multicriteria Methods

Units: 6

This course focuses on the application of quantitative models and methods to management decision making and policy analysis. Topics covered include: forecasting, decision analysis, linear programming,and other forms of optimization, queuing, and simulation. Examples of application areas include: finance, criminal justice, urban service delivery, personnel planning, and health care services. Excel will be used extensively to teach and illustrate concepts.

This course, along with its companion (90-760 Management Science II: Decision
and Risk Modeling) survey a variety of management science methods useful to managers
and analysts in the public, healthcare, and non-profit domains. Management Science I is
not a prerequisite for Management Science II; you can take either one or both and in any


Haijing Hao
Stephen F. Roehrig
Jonathan P. Caulkins