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Course Number: 91-824

Legal Issues In Human Resources Management

Units: 12

This course will examine the legal framework of the employer-employee relationship. It will emphasize the public policy considerations that have and are continuing to shape the broad range of federal and state regulatory initiatives in this area. It will also examine the changing nature of the employer-employee relationship as viewed by the courts. The differences in the status of employees in the private sector vs. the public sector will be reviewed. Specific areas covered will include: employment discrimination and equal employment opportunity; affirmative action; workplace safety and health; employee benefits; legally required insurance protection; personal rights of employees; labor relations and collective bargaining; and the employment-at-will doctrine. The student will learn to recognize issues, analyze situations in the workplace, and develop strategies to avoid legal liability. Students are required to complete a research project/class presentation from a defined list of current topics.


91-822 Human Resources Management 12 Credits

Toni Pellegrini