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Course Details

Course Number: 91-828

Ethical Issues In Management

Units: 6

"Ethical Issues in Management" is a course designed to survey various controversial problems, dilemmas and quandaries encountered by private, public or nonprofit managers in the contemporary organization.

The course will be divided into two interrelated sections. First, issues dealing with "managerial mischief" will be examined. Topics considered in this area include: the causes of illegal, unethical or questionable managerial conduct, controls available to minimize corrupt behavior in organizations, the efficacy of codes of conduct, organizational values and unethical conduct, conflicts of interest and other questionable managerial practices.
The second part of the course will examine the many "moral mazes" in management. Topics here addressed include: managing AIDS in the workplace, whistleblowing, sexual harassment, employee rights, employee screening tests, inside information, confidentiality in the workplace, managing "problem" employees, workplace privacy, employment and post-employment restrictions and the use and abuse of managerial deception.

The course will rely heavily upon the case analysis method, group discussion and video presentations. There is only one project for the course. This project will form the basis of the student's grade in the course. The project will be discussed in detail at the first class session.


Peter Madsen