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Course Details

Course Number: 91-847

Technology, Evaluation and Research

Units: 12

The capacity to use data to inform practices and improve results is critical in this age of data driven accountability. This course will prepare students to use data driven evaluative processes to improve technology practices within a system. The course is divided into 3 components with each focused on use of data to evaluate multiple perspectives related to effective use of technology.

The first section of the course focuses students on criteria for becoming a technology leader. Students will gain knowledge in the practical application of data to technology leadership through a prescribed process. Students will gain an understanding of their role as a technology leader and how data can be used as a tool to increase their effectiveness.

During the middle section of the course, students will learn about reviewing and evaluating technology using a data driven decision-making process. Various stages of working with data to inform decision making and improve results are explored in this course. This is accomplished through the introduction of a seven-step data decision making process that can be applied to any situation where data is needed to make informed decisions.

The last section of the course teaches students how to critically review research as well as how to design a valid research project. Students will learn how to plan, prepare and conduct a valid research project that could lead to publication.