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Course Details

Course Number: 91-873

Information Technology Strategy and Management

Units: 6

The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge, skills, and exposure to issues for managing information and information technology as an asset. Students completing this course will be better equipped to be staff members in an Information Systems department, or managers of a functional area(s) engaged in defining and implementing information systems opportunities and solutions.
Coursework: A high volume of reading will be required. Besides an essay type final exam, 3 papers , one being a group project, will be assigned. Class participation is expected by way of in class discussion and research assignments.
Major topics to be covered include: Information asset management, strategic information systems planning, information services organization issues , best practices for service level management, IT personnel selection and management, systems development quality assurance practices, computer systems related security and confidentiality management, IT Procurement/request for proposal development/vendor selection and relationship methods with contract negotiation principles, IT project and project risk management, and a review of business continuity/disaster recovery management in association with governing laws.
Case studies will be assigned and discussed to reinforce the solutions and best practices through lessons learned.
Guest speakers when available will address their area of expertise which allows students to receive multiple perspectives of information and computer management.
Students will have sufficient knowledge and resources at the completion of this course to contribute to system planning, selection, implementation, benefits realization, security protection requirements and business continuity planning. Many valuable best practices and techniques will be learned which will provide a more systematic approach to leveraging organization information providing increased value through increased revenue potential, decreased expenses and increased productivity. The course is valuable for every student due to their use and reliance on information and information technology for competitive advantage, decision making, and cost efficient management.

It is recommended but not required that students complete the core course, 91-802, Information Systems for Managers, a similar course, or have exposure to advanced use of information technology in the work place, prior to taking this course.


Christopher A. Kowalsky