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Course Details

Course Number: 91-877

Non-Profit Marketing

Units: 6

Marketing has become a fixture in non-profit management. Non-profits have found that they must compete for customers, employees, funding, and more. They have turned to for-profit marketing techniques to achieve success. In the process they have, like all businesses, been affected by changes in our society, particularly changes in technology. This course explains these changes and their affect on marketing in non-profit settings. In doing so, the course will pay special attention to the Pittsburgh market.

This course is intended to:

Provide you with a general understanding of marketing,
Increase your understanding of non-profit marketing,
Increase your appreciation of consumer behavior and a customer orientation,
Develop your strategic thinking and planning skills,
Encourage your entrepreneurial spirit,
Introduce you to local non-profit marketing "players,"

Introduce you to marketing research methods.