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Course Details

Course Number: 93-845

Cultural Policy Seminar

Units: 6

This course will examine a specific topical cultural policy issue germane to the MAM curriculum. The choice of topic will be based on current events and policy decisions that affect arts and culture. The area of inquiry may be national or international in nature and could affect a single community or an entire continent.

The issues and subject matter chosen will include policy decisions made at all levels, including country, state and local governments, arts and culture organizations and service providers, as well as policies that evolve upward from within communities.

Class meetings will feature a mixture of guest speakers and lecture discussion or research presentations by students.

Course structure – Fall 2010

The Cultural Policy topic for Fall 2010 will be "Indigenous Cultures: How Nations and States Develop Cultural Policies to Address Them."

The Cultural Policy classes will be held during the Mini II scheduled term in the fall.

Class meetings will occur weekly over a six-week period at the same time.

This will be an exploration of how different cultures have affected those in charge of establishing cultural policies for residents and citizens.

Matt Dooley