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Course Number: 93-895

Management Seminar for Artists

Units: 0

Management Seminar for Artists is a survey course created to introduce performing artists and craftspeople (e.g., actors, singers, dancers, designers, conductors, choreographers, directors, and production managers) to the fundamental management principles and systems that are traditional to American not-for-profit performing arts institutions. The course, designed for individuals who expect to work as resident artists in not-for-profit institutions, begins with a brief comparative analysis of the not-for-profit and for-profit organizational structures, followed by course modules on institutional governance and leadership (boards of trustees and executive leadership, both artistic and managerial), human resource management, fundraising, marketing, budgeting and finance management, and legal issues (contracts, representation and intellectual property). This not an intensive course for those who wish to pursue a career in the management of cultural organizations; it is designed to provide an institutional and operational context for artists to aid in their "comfort level" with management systems and to increase their confidence and effectiveness in working side-by-side with the management staff.

This course open to upperclass undergraduates and graduate students in the College of Fine Arts and its related programs (BHA, ETC, etc.).

Dan J. Martin