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Course Number: 95-808

IT Project Management

Units: 6

Organizations are no longer at a point where Information Technology is considered an embellishment but rather it is now an absolute necessity. From the smallest to the largest organization the electronic storage and flow of information is critical to the successful achievement of goals, objectives and the provision of products and services. Variables contributing to the difficulty for the Information Technology professional in delivering those products and services include:

> The advent of Internet applications;
> The expanded use of offshore development,
> The increase of project complexity; and
> The need for deliverable perfection.

To manage that delivery process typically we now find the construct mechanism for the delivery of those products and services to be the Project rather than a series of non-integrated tasks. The increased dependence upon projects necessitates the need for both improved project management and oversight. The purpose of this course is to assist the I/T professional in understanding the components of complex projects, manage those project components, form and lead a project team. Project Management tools and techniques will be introduced and discussed.

David Boyd
Riaz Esmailzadeh
Rakesh Thapar
Summer C. Fowler