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Course Details

Course Number: 95-704

Advanced Database Management

Units: 12

This course will have a technology component and an advanced topics component. With the technology component, the student will learn and use several Oracle products: Oracle Developer Suite, including Oracle Designer for database modeling, PL/SQL for creating program units in SQL to manage certain aspects of database table usage, and Oracle Forms and Reports to design web-based applications. In addition, third party GUI database administration tools will be evaluated to assist in database administration tasks. The assignment requirements for this component will be the design and implementation of a working database and a supporting web-based application: a set of tables, relationships, procedures, and applications (including menus, forms, and reports).

Within the advanced topics component, we will follow a seminar format to review and discuss readings in topics such as object relational databases, data mining and warehousing, databases and the web, security in databases, and work-flow systems. The assignment requirement for this component will be a fairly in-depth research analysis and synthesis paper.


95-703 Database Management 12 Credits

Karyn E. Moore
Jeremy Smith
Randall Trzeciak