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Course Details

Course Number: 90-703

Women and Public Policy

Units: 6

This course will examine many of the cutting-edge social and professional issues surrounding women in public policy and IT. Its purpose is to analyze and discuss women's participation in a number political and policy related activities and to give students practice in analyzing a variety of public policy issues that affect women today.
Through a series of readings, class discussions, and guest presenters, students will have an opportunity to explore, analyze and discuss some of the most relevant issues affecting women today. We will also examine and evaluate various public policy initiatives designed to address these issues. Some of the topics included in the class are: Women in politics, both at the national and international levels; gender inequality in the work place and women in large organizations; women and technology; women reshaping human rights; women in the professions and the arts; and women and health related issues. Students will be able to do research on topics not covered in this description.

I hope the course will be of interest to all students regardless of gender.


Silvia Borzutzky