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Course Details

Course Number: 95-722

Digital Transformation

Units: 6

**This course is for MISM students only and is taken in the last semester of the program.**

This course serves as a capstone course, integrating technological and managerial aspects of information technology. Information and communication technologies play multiple roles within an organizational context:

• From a technological perspective, they define the information and communication
infrastructure of the firm and they enable new ways to digitize business processes.
• From a managerial perspective, they facilitate new coordination and communication
within and across entities, enable new organizational forms, change the information
environment underlying the business, and permit new incentive structures.
Successful efforts at digitization have to keep both technological and managerial perspectives in mind. Using a collection of cases, this course will study how the deployment of information technology changes interactions and processes within organizations, across organizations, within industries, and across society.

The case analyses will require students to engage in both technical and managerial problem solving. The technical component of the analysis requires students to propose IT architectures for the problems highlighted in the case. The managerial component of the analysis requires students to analyze the business value of the proposed solution and address the change management issues that arise in implementing any digital transformation initiative.


Ari Lightman
Michael D. Smith