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Course Details

Course Number: 95-769

Network Security Analysis

Units: 12

Network security analysts use network traffic data to understand the activity of hosts attached to the network, especially malicious activity. There is a strong need for network security analysts in industry, government and the military. The present course will focus on cultivating an analyst's state of mind, and providing the fundamentals for deep thinking on network security. The student will leave the course with a basic skill base for intrusion analysis with a focus on network information, and a framework of analytic thought to organize their new skill base. This skill base will provide a foundation to advance in a career as an operational or research analyst.

Course topics include:

> What is Network Security Analysis?
> Scientific Fundamentals
> Networking Fundamentals
> Mathematical Fundamentals
> Pattern Matching
> Basic Networking Tools
> Protocols
> Network monitoring
> Packet analysis
> Log analysis
> Traffic analysis
> Context information

95-752 Introduction to Information Security Management 12 Credits

Aaron Shelmire