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Course Details

Course Number: 95-843

Service Oriented Architecture

Units: 6

Organizations are composed of service providers. This university, for example, is largely composed of teaching, research and administrative services. The university as a whole may also be viewed as a service provider to students and to society.

Some service providers expose well defined interfaces to clients. Service oriented architectures attempt to organize and combine these services into organizational processes (bigger services.) Microsoft defines service oriented architecture as "the art of modeling an organization's business processes, as a well-factored portfolio of network-addressable business components."

In this course, we will study service oriented architecture largely from a technical perspective. Specifically, the course will cover principles of service oriented design, service oriented design patterns, second generation web service standards and the business process execution language.

It will be assumed that the student has completed or is completing a course in distributed systems that covers web services. It will also be assumed that the student can program in Java or C#.


Michael McCarthy