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Course Details

Course Number: 95-855

Network Situational Awareness

Units: 12

Today’s business world has integrated the global reach of the Internet into nearly every aspect of operations, so how can the business truly understand its dependence on the Internet? Are there socio-political actions occurring thousands of miles away which could impact local operations? What impact will new technology have on existing systems? Is it even possible to predict what a corporation’s Internet footprint will be five years from now?

Through a unique partnership with the community, students will conduct analysis of live network flow data from a large local organization to solve real world analysis. Students should have a firm grasp on computer network theory before beginning the class, as we will quickly move from ideal RFC-compliant communications into how these standards are bent in real-world communications.

Network Situational Awareness provides the necessary foundation for student analysts to reason about complex local network issues as well as to identify broad global network trends.


Sidney Faber