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Course Details

Course Number: 11-791

Design & Engineering of Intelligent Information Systems

Units: 12

The Software Engineering for IT sequence combines classroom material and assignments in the fundamentals of software engineering (11-791) with a self-paced, faculty-supervised directed project (11-792). The two courses cover all elements of project design, implementation, evaluation, and documentation. For students intending to complete both courses, it is recommended that the project design and proof-of-concept prototype be completed and approved by the faculty advisor before the start of 11-792, if possible. Students may elect to take only 11-791; however, if both parts are taken, they should be taken in proper sequence.

95-712 Object Oriented Programming in Java 12 Credits
95-713 Intermediate Java 6 Credits
95-771 Data Structures and Algorithms for Information Processing 12 Credits

Eric H. Nyberg