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Course Details

Course Number: 94-804

Transformational Leadership for Global Enterprises

Units: 6

This course provides a perspective on both the common and unique characteristics of leaders who have driven major and significant transformation in global organizations or nations. You will gain an understanding of how successful leaders leverage existing cultures to change cultures. The goal of the course is to have an active dialogue around leadership and prepare you to identify and build leadership characteristics in your chosen profession.

This case study based course leverages Kotter's Tranformation Framework and profiles leaders such as Lee Iaoccca, Carli Fiorina, Lou Gerstner and Martin Luther King Jr. to discuss the unique qualities of each of the leaders that led to their success and build a profile of transformational leadership. In addition to case discussion, the course includes a capstone project; in which each team will be required apply the concepts taught in the course to provide a mock consulting proposal to a company leader. This proposal will provide the leader with the team's point of view on the Transformation Strategy the leader should deploy to enable the desired outcome within their organization. The proposal will be formally presented by the team to a leader in industry during the final day of class. The winning bid will be selected and announced during the final class.

Linda Chaousis