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Course Details

Course Number: 93-889

Capstone Project I

Units: 3

THE CAPSTONE PROJECT offers students the opportunity to apply and demonstrate their analytical and practical management skills on a specific concept or issue while addressing and deepening their understanding of the opportunities, challenges and issues the entertainment industry faces on a daily basis.

The Capstone Project represents the completion of the final requirement in the Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) Program. It is the hope of the MEIM faculty that students will use The Capstone Project more as applied research than pure scholarship. This offers a greater opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge and skills to real world issues that can make a difference to the industry and the students. The Capstone Project is not to be just an exercise in writing, but should have some value to both the student and a focus within the industry.

Collaboration: The MEIM program encourages collaborative projects. You will be working on your Capstone projects in teams. The idea behind the team is really at the heart of the interdisciplinary thinking at Carnegie Mellon. These projects should allow you to:

- Develop project management, teamwork, and communication skills.
- Integrate and synthesize the coursework into your Capstone.
- Provide a "real world" organizational experience.
- Create something that provides insight into an entertainment related issue.

Daniel Green