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Course Details

Course Number: 90-916

Intermediate Social Network Methods

Units: 6

This course is a follow on to the Fundamentals of Social Network Methods course offered last year (90-915). There is no formal prerequisite to this course; however, one should be familiar with basic graph theory terms and core network concepts such as centrality, cliques, and structural equivalence. While we will refer to these standard topics, and even occasionally analyze data using some of these fundamental measures, by and large we will chart new territories in this course. Topics to be covered include structural holes (Level 1 analysis), structural wholes (Level 0 analysis), diffusion and social influence models, dynamic networks (SIENA models), and small world networks.

Each week I will introduce a topic. The homework for the upcoming week will consist of readings (mostly available on Blackboard) and an exercise that gives you an opportunity to empirically engage that topic and utilize its associated methodologies. Most of the exericses will involve R network routines (no prior R programming experience will be necessary, although it certainly would be helpful). Homework assignments will be completed in small groups (2-3 students each).

David M. Krackhardt