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Course Number: 94-847

The Global Financial System: Growth, Crisis & Opportunity

Units: 12

The process of global economic integration is critically dependent on the dramatically increased and virtually instantaneous flows of money, capital and assets across national border. Further, the degree of a country's integration into the global financial system has fundamental implications for important national goals such as economic growth, equity, efficiency and the ability of policy makers to influence domestic economic outcomes. This course will focus on the conceptual frameworks of international macroeconomics that will help students understand the large-scale economic problems of interdependent economies. It focuses on the factors that affect economy-wide variables such as exchange rates, prices, interest rates, output, income, employment and national wealth. The course includes a strong focus on application of the macroeconomic frameworks to current issues and topics in international macroeconomics such as global financial crises, economic and currency union, and international debt and default.


Mark Wessel