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Course Details

Course Number: 90-921

Special Topics in MLP: Event and Pattern Detection

Units: 6

This course is intended for Ph.D. students in Heinz College, the School of Computer Science, and other university departments who wish to engage in cutting-edge research in Event and Pattern Detection. Qualified master's students may also enroll with permission of the instructor; all students are expected to have some prior background in machine learning and/or artificial intelligence (10-601, 10-701, 90-866, or a similar course). We will explore state-of-the-art methods for detection of emerging events and other relevant patterns in massive, high-dimensional datasets, and discuss how such methods can be applied usefully for the public good in medicine, public health, law enforcement, security, and other domains. The course will consist of lectures, discussions on current research articles and future directions, and course projects. Specific topics to be covered may
include: anomaly detection, change-point detection, time series monitoring, spatial and space-time scan statistics, pattern detection in graph data, submodularity and LTSS properties for efficient pattern detection, combining multiple data sources, scaling up pattern detection to massive datasets, applications to public health, law enforcement, homeland security, and health care.

Daniel B. Neill